What Is Advanced Physical Therapy?

The field of physical therapy covers a wide spectrum of health care including sports medicine, occupational therapy, geriatric care, and physical therapy, among others. As the need for qualified physical therapists is increasing for patients who experience injuries, disease, or disorders of the musculoskeletal system, they are often referred to as advanced physical therapists. These professionals work with patients to strengthen their weak and develop their physical health through a combination of exercise, mechanical devices, and therapy.

Advanced Physical Therapy is often utilized by athletes, senior citizens, or those suffering from debilitating diseases such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Because there are numerous techniques and strategies to choose from when it comes to physical therapy, physical therapists must implement an extensive practice to provide quality patient care. One of the most effective ways to help improve the lives of patients is through the implementation of specific stretching and strengthening exercises. This is why advanced physical therapy programs must be closely monitored by professionals to ensure that patients are receiving the proper amount of stretching and strengthening exercises that will help them prevent injuries.

Because the hands, legs, and back form the majority of the body structure, advanced physical therapy also involves working with patients on their flexibility. Often times, individuals that experience pain in one area of their body may find that their condition is worsened by a tight or poorly performing joint. In addition to strengthening joints, a strong body core is essential in order to prevent unnecessary injury. By strengthening and stretching core muscles through a range of physical activities, patients are protecting their backs, their legs, and their hands.

To further assist patients with injuries, advanced physical therapy often incorporates massage therapy into their treatment plans. Massage therapy provides relief to athletes and seniors experiencing pain as it improves circulation and flexibility in the body. Therapeutic massage helps to reduce tension in the muscles that can prevent prolonged stress and injury. Therapeutic massage techniques vary according to an individual’s needs and goals. For instance, some people find that regular massage can help to decrease stiffness and pain while others seek relief from athletic injuries.

Another way that advanced physical therapy can be helpful is through its ability to address depression. Depression can be extremely serious, even life threatening, for some individuals. It can cause a person to lose focus on their personal relationships, become fearful and depressed, and even resort to suicide. Therapists commonly employ meditation and progressive muscle relaxation to help treat emotional disorders. These techniques are effective in reducing feelings of sadness and depression and allow patients to deal with their problems in a more productive manner.

Advanced physical therapy can help to improve the health and well-being of a patient who experiences any number of ailments, including those that are directly related to the mind. Though physical therapy is primarily utilized to treat conditions such as skeletal issues, there are many other conditions that are treated through this therapeutic practice. Some of the most common conditions treated through physical therapy include diabetes, cardiac problems, head injuries, neurological conditions, and neuromuscular conditions. Though the exact nature and effects of each of these conditions may vary, many physical therapy practices will commonly incorporate a variety of them to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care.

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