American Exterminator in Hendersonville, TN

American Exterminator in Henderson has more than four thousand acres of devoted wildlife area and one hundred seventy-two miles of tributaries. A visit to this exotic habitat is a rewarding educational adventure. The reason for this is American Exterminator in Hendersonville, TN, is a group effort. The landowner, Mr. George Fenus, has been in the business of providing wildlife habitat for more than forty years. In his efforts to provide this priceless wildlife haven, he has hired an educated staff and, with their help, managed to develop a nearly one hundred thousand-acre tract of wilderness.

In early 1994, Mr. Fenus received a news article in the newspaper about a plan by the Tennessee Department of Wildlife to euthanize animals that were in danger of becoming ill or dangerous. It was an eye-opening experience for Mr. Fenus, who has always had a concern for the safety of wildlife. The article said that the goal was to end the euthanasia program because it was taking away from the animals the only source of food and life they had, the wild critters he had personally handpicked to receive this benefit.

Mr. Fenus made contact with the head of the wildlife department, whom he has worked very well with. He and his staff have been able to create a humane refuge, where animals can live and roam free, among other things. They have done so successfully without using lethal methods, such as shooting the animals. This has saved countless animals and benefited the entire wildlife population, as well.

The facility, which has not cost a lot to establish, is a model of efficiency and effectiveness. The American Exterminator in Hendersonville owes much of its success to the hard work and the dedication of its employees. Mr. Fenus knows that providing these services requires funding, and he has consistently asked for financial support from local and federal sources. He realizes that his workers and his facility would not continue if he did not receive the financial support from both the state and federal governments.

There is a great deal of knowledge and expertise in this field which has been gained through the hands-on training of the facility’s management team. The biologists are continuously upgrading their knowledge about the wildlife living in the area. Special emphasis is also given to educating the public about the benefits of keeping wildlife in the area and how they can assist in the program. Because of the commitment and care that have gone into the maintenance of the facility, many people have turned this into a career opportunity.

There are currently four exterminators at American Exterminator in Hendersonville. Two of them are fully staffed and working on three species. The third one is solely an animal technician who is performing only basic duties while working in conjunction with the two staff. These three staff members have performed extermination jobs in many capacities and are extremely knowledgeable and skilled in their fields. They are expected to perform exterminating work in a humane manner and with the utmost respect for all the animals that will be removed from the premises.

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