Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement Houston TX

There are many problems that can cause the garage door to malfunction. While many are minor and easily fixed, other problems may require the replacement of several parts. Fortunately, a garage door technician can resolve most problems without causing further damage to the garage door. Among these issues are spring problems. If these problems are not addressed in a timely manner, the door may not open all the way or may come off track altogether. For these reasons, you should contact a garage door technician to help you get your door back up and running.

While replacing garage door springs might seem like an easy task, it is important to consult with a professional before taking on this task. Commercially available springs have a lifespan of about seven to ten years. It is recommended to replace them every six to twelve months to ensure proper operation of all mechanical components. In addition to replacing springs, regular maintenance can extend the life of your garage door and boost its curb appeal.

Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement Houston TX is a local company in Houston, TX. They specialize in fixing various types of garage doors. They can repair springs, cable repairs, and door balancing. They also install and service heavy-duty garage door openers. If you need an emergency repair, you can contact them anytime day or night. These professionals are experienced in fixing most types of garage doors and can provide service for both residential and commercial needs.

A garage door is nothing without its torsion springs. These springs lift the garage door and add a small amount of force to open and close. Torsion springs are designed to last a certain amount of time before they break. The length of this period can vary depending on how much you use the garage. For most homeowners, the useful life of torsion springs is quite long. However, if you use it frequently, the useful life can be considerably shorter.

As mentioned, garage doors have many different problems. One of these problems is loose tracks. This loose track can reduce the tension in the springs, preventing the garage door from lifting. Broken garage door springs are dangerous and can cause you unnecessary headaches. Fix N Go understands the problems you experience when the garage door stops working. That is why we provide 24/7 garage door repair services for every type of problem.

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